Hawkes Bay we're coming back!!

Crab Farm Winery live sessions are something of legend in Hawkes Bay. And rightly so!!

We love playing these events. The venue has a warm, rustic vibe that feels like home, a good portion of our band are East coasters so it feels like coming home and there are always a crowd of cool people in attendance who are there for the enjoyment of live music so the energy is incredible. To top it all off there will be an amazing opening act to be announced and the best vinyl players about, Akina Vinyl Appreciation Society.  That's a whole heap of beautiful sounds!

And guess what, this will be the start of the long weekend so there's no need to be thinking about work the following day. Too good! 

So don't think about what else you need to be doing for this night night. Come along. Enjoy some wine, cool people, good vibes and an energetic set of tunes from us. 

Good times!

Ticket link and details coming soon.