Scallops, rain and clean oceans


We love the Whitianga Scallop Festival!!

We loved being there, loved playing for an amazing crowd in a seriously beautiful location and loved the relaxed, friendly vibe that was present throughout the day. Plus, the various incarnations of scallops on offer were absolutely delicious! Despite the major squalls of heavy downpours blowing through, our audience stuck with us from the first note right through until the last. Good on you guys. We even saw chairs being welded as umbrella's by some folk keen to stick out our show with us. Just brilliant and what a very cool experience for us playing on a stage set out over the ocean. The walk out was an exciting experience within itself!

Aside from being an amazing experience for us (and one we certainly hope to repeat!) it also served to remind us of what a stunning country we live in and why we should be making real ditch efforts to care for our home. Across the globe, pollution and climate change are very real issues and both are problems that we can all affect in a positive way. Less waste and more care. This is not a difficult consideration for any of us and the benefits are untold. Aotearoa is a stunning place to live in and we should stay conscious of how privileged we are to share this beautiful home.

Let's keep our oceans clean, our bush lush, our streets litter free and let's all cut down on our waste as best we can. Our home will love it, our oceans will love it and in turn we will love it too. 



Sold out show


Sold out show


We are flattered by your support and say a gracious thank you to everyone who has bought tickets. 

As a result, you have inspired us to set this as the date when we will be performing a whole new show! You can expect everything you know and love from White Chapel Jak but a whole load of new songs and surprises are on the way. We are rehearsing long hours and challenging ourselves musically to push upwards to a new level. We are super excited to share this with you in October for the very first time! 

There will be a VERY LIMITED number of door sales on the day. So, if you know of someone who missed out on tickets and is keen to catch the show, we strongly encourage you get there when doors open at 3:30pm for a chance of entry. 

Let's do this!


Winter fun in the sun


Winter fun in the sun

We love what we do.

We love playing music, we love traveling our homeland and meeting so many fun and interesting people along the way but above all, it's about sharing our love of music with those that take a moment to listen, laugh, sing and dance with us. Regardless of what you do however, and what your journey in life is, it's always important to be able to step away for a little while and relax. This past winter month has allowed us time to exactly that. 

As July is one of our quietest months of the year and this past summer has been our busiest one to date, we decided it was finally time to actually take a break from music and have a few weeks off performing. I know.....crazy right?! It is a blessing and a valued reward to spend some quality time with our friends and whanau and share some amazing experiences away from our homes. 

But where do you go when it's cold, rainy and dark in New Zealand? Well, a few of us decided Tonga was a good idea! What a beautiful place this country turned out to be. Gorgeous weather, warm, clear tropical waters, amazing surf, topped off with friendly and welcoming locals. Of course a guitar was always close to hand and even in our time off a tune or two was well received over an evening drink and new friendships were formed. 

So how does it feel taking time away from doing what you love? Perhaps a moment shared best describes it.

"Sitting on a surfboard in warm water waiting for the next amazing set wave to fire across the reef. A glance downwards through the water reveals unworldly, beautiful coral growths highlighted with ethereal spikes of bright colours and flurries of tropical fish. A glance upwards in time to catch a humpback whale with her calf breaching the surface to suck an enourmous breath of air only 100 metres away before plunging back into the ocean in an explosion of white water silhouetted against a coppery sunset." 

It feels good. Very good. Yes, we have missed playing and yes, we will be returning with a renewed energy and excitement for the coming months but stepping back, relaxing, reflecting and re-energising is cleansing for the soul. Thank you Tonga and your beautiful people for reminding us of this. 

So wherever you are and regardless of what you are doing, if you are feeling it might be positive to take some time off, grab a hold of your loved one's and do it. You're not going to love what you do any less but will simply love life that little bit more. 



Easy Like Sunday Morning

Do what you love. Do it with love. 

Once again we have been reminded how this simple motto applied with background hard work can lead to truly great moments. 

Ronald LaPread was the bass player for Lionel Richie and The Commodores through some of their most golden years of recording and performing. He is also a highly regarded songwriter and is the composer of two of The Commodores' biggest hits 'Brickhouse' and ' Easy like Sunday morning.' What an absolute treat for us to not only meet this legend of the musical world but also perform these two legendary hits with him!

That's right, we shared the stage with Ronald at a wonderful private function in Auckland and we had the honour of performing these two iconic songs with him. Just amazing. These are songs that each of our band members has grown up with and can recall individual, nostalgic memories of listening to them both at varying times. And so, it felt very special to be sharing the moment of performing with Ronald and we thank him and the organisers of the event for such a memorable and special night. 

A week after this, after arriving on a flight back to Auckland, we walked in to arrivals to hear 'Easy like Sunday' morning playing across the airport which brought home again what an epic piece of writing and history this song really is and how fortunate we are to experience these incredible moments.

So to you we say; next time you are getting off a flight, maybe sitting in a cafe, cruising the radio airwaves whilst driving and you hear Lionel singing 'Easy like Sunday morning', think of us and think of doing what you love with love and think about what it is that you love and go on out and get doing it!!.....with plenty of love of course. 


Is this love?


Is this love?

This is love...

Love of music, love of people and a love for sharing our passion. 

The Leigh Sawmill Cafe is an iconic music venue that has played host to a deluge of amazing musical acts. When our band members all moved to Auckland it didn't take long to learn of this venue and it shot straight to the top of the list of venues we wanted to one day perform at. Since then, The Sawmill has become one of our biggest supporters and the local community of Leigh have been behind us showing their love and loyal support for years now. As such, when a gig comes up here we are always filled with excitement and anticipation. And wow, this latest one did not disappoint!

Sell out crowd, a tonne of love and an amazing energy to the place. What an honour and a treat to play for such a an amazing collective of wonderful and warm people. We had the best time!

So, love what you do. Genuinely love it and that love comes back in different ways and forms. For us in comes in smiles, laughter, dance and energy. We thank you all for that. The Sawmill and their staff, the Leigh locals and each and every person that made an effort to share such a wonderful afternoon with us. A special shout out also to the lovely couple that travelled all the way from Te Awamutu to share some music with us. What a gift you gave us! Lastly, apologies to those that couldn't get in as the place was full but fear not, we will be back there for another Sunday session soon! 

'Is this love, is this love, is this love that I'm feeling' .......

Click here to check out what the day looked like!!



Love is in the air

Summer really is the season of love. For us, it has come in the form of many gorgeous weddings.

This summer has been our biggest for weddings to date. We have played up and down the North Island at all kinds of wonderful locations. We've been inside, outside, on the coast, in forests, around lakes, played through sun, rain, hail and even played through one of the biggest storms to hit this country for years in an outdoor marquee desperately fighting to take off and set sail for distant shores!

The love we have been surrounded by at each of these has just been amazing. We have been meeting the most incredible, warm people at some of New Zealand's most stunning locations and venues. There has been many a night of high energy dance floors and the love and fun we've experienced is the gift that we recieve at these events. Seeing many of our wedding guests and clients turn up at our public gigs and joining in on our musical journey with us is something very special to us also. 

Perhaps the best image of this love over our busy summer has come in the form of Winston, the adorable pooch. What you can't see in this photo is the pumping, high energy dance floor or feel the music and beats that had the place shaking. The moment that followed included the bride and her best friend smashing out 'Killing in the name Of' by Rage against the Machine with us along with the whole party shouting the famous closing lines of this song. Through this all, little Winston wandered politely over and sat down at the feet of our lovely viking percussionist and took a quiet moment to sit down share his love with Dean whilst taking in the carnage on the dance floor. What a moment you gave us all dear Winston!

To the summer of love, with love, we've loved it!!




Stadium Rock

Eden Park. We played there! 

What an exciting treat to be play a set at this iconic New Zealand sports venue. It really has been an exhilarating couple of weeks for us. Once again we find ourselves stepping on to stage in front of thousands of people and it's no word of a lie that we are really enjoying it! 

Playing at the NRL Nines is another large event that has come about for us from positive thinking and hard work. Walking out of the players tunnel, running out on to the field, the noise and excitement, all are magical moments that will be locked in our memories. So awesome to see some familiar faces as we walked out and hearing the shouts of encouragement from friends, family and followers was something very special to us.

This summer has included some accomplishments that we are super proud of that are certainly due to the hours we put in but also impossible without the support of our followers. We would like to thank our families and friends that have been taking this journey with us and making the time sacrifices possible but also a big thank you also goes out to you loyal listener for your ongoing encouragement and support. Without you there is no White Chapel Jak and we thank you.

Let's do more of these sorts of events together eh? 



what does an audience of 18,000 people look like?

One year ago we were given a couple of free tickets to the Summer Concert series in Whitianga featuring Melissa Etheridge, Reo Speedwagon with Huey Lewis and the News. As we stood in the audience watching the opening acts and the sea of people pouring into the venue, our singer Bonnie looked at me and said "we're going to be up there next year."

One year on from that moment and where are we? .....On stage at the Summer Concert Series in Whitianga opening for Bonnie Tyler, Alan Parsons Project and Icehouse in front of an audience of 18,000! 

This moment has been one of reward in many different ways. It feels like a testament to the 150 gigs we have played throughout the year that have pushed our profile to a point where we are on the radar for a show like this. It feels like reward for the hours spent on the road away from our loved one's pursuing our musical passion with the belief that we would reach playing for audiences of this size. Lastly it is, no doubt, a testament to the power of positive thinking backed with the right amount of determination. For this, we thank our singer/band manager Bonnie Hurunui for her ongoing belief and hard work that has taught us all that dreams are real given the right mindset backed with a strong work ethic. 

So jump on board the positive thinking train with us. It really works. Shake off your fears, disbelief's, figure out what you want, set your goals and believe. Positive thinking could change the world if we all managed to simply choose and believe. 

And so what does the energy of 18,000 people feel like on stage? Absolutely incredible!! We loved every moment of it whole heartedly. 

And so, we will be doing more of these kinds of shows. We choose to believe, so it's real.

See you there!



Ben Harper....that's right....Ben Harper!!!

We toured with ben Harper!!

Wow....just wow. When our good friend and talented songwriter Miller Yule asked us to be his backing band opening for Ben Harper with The Innocent Criminals on the New Zealand Leg of their tour, you kind of assume it's a bit of a joke. But, it turns out the offer was real and we got to live the experience of a lifetime. 

What a truly amazing experience! 

Ben Harper is an artist that all of our band have loved and listened to for many years. What a privilege and an honour to be sharing the stage with someone whom we respect so much alongside The Innocent Criminals who are world class musicians. It was a dream to be performing at some of New Zealand's largest venues and experiencing a taste of life on the road. Playing alongside Ben and his team of amazing musician's was almost overwhelming and to actually spend some real time with them off the stage and discover that they are all super nice, down to earth people whom were very generous of their time was a huge highlight that was a massive inspiration to us all. 

Thank you Miller. Thank you Ben Harper. Thank you to The Innocent Criminals. Thank you to all the amazing people that came out to support the tour and then took time to genuinely listen to us and made us feel welcomed on stage as an opening act at each venue. 

Living the dream baby!!!!  Living the dream!!!

White Chapel Jak.jpg



Montage Time

Our return to New Zealand has been true royal welcome with a busy schedule of gigs up and down the North Island.

After some time away playing music oversea's, our shows at home have been the best reminder of what a fantastic country we live in. From the Okere Falls beer festival in Rotorua, to gorgeous weddings in Auckland, to the Parnell Rose festival and on up to some brilliant events in the Rodney district. Everywhere we travel to we encounter amazing sights, beautiful landscapes and meet warm and friendly people. What better way to share the journey with you all than a photo montage of just a few of the great moments (in the form of spectacular selfies of course!!) we've shared over this past month. 


We love you Aoteoroa!!!



Home again

We have returned back to our wonderful homeland Aoteoroa after an amazing time traveling and playing some music. 

We celebrated our singer's birthday at Oktoberfest in Munich, walked the amazing coastal villages of Cinque Terre in Italy then sang the night away in a little restaurant packed with locals and travellers dancing and singing along. From there, we all went our individual ways and enjoyed a little time away from performing spent with our partners travelling to some incredible and beautiful locations around Europe. Finally, we all met up in the UK to play some shows in aid of youth music UK. 

Youth music UK is a charity that works with children, teens and families across the UK providing music lessons, instruments and mentorship programs for those that might otherwise never have the opportunity. Through their work with music they generate some massive, positive changes for families in need. We played for them two years ago in the UK and we were honoured to be playing there again in support of such a great and relevant cause. 

Our shows in the UK were a blast! We loved the changing venues, the smiling faces and all the dancing, cheering and support we received along the way. We are proud to say we raised over one thousand pounds from the proceeds and we know they will be going to great use amongst local communities. 

We would like to thank Jacob Boston, Melainee Wooden, Kristie Grant, Charlie Billington, Georgina Bondfield, Ros and Charles Buckler all for their hospitality and help with the shows. We love you all! A very big and special thank you also to Cliff Bradley who played bass for us whilst in the UK. What an amazing musician and great guy....thank you!!



Selfies and soap

As the winter months have been taking hold and the temperature dropping there really hasn't been much of a drop in gigs for us. 

It has been a month of big change. We have farewelled our long term double bassist and dear friend Dwayne with sadness and much nostalgia. Dwayne has been a solid foundation in the sound of White Chapel Jak and a solid foundation for hugs when needed! 

At the same time we have been welcoming our new double bassist Michael White. Michael was thrown straight into the deep end with his first two gigs within 3 days of meeting us for the first time. Michael has been can he play a double bass!! It is with much excitement now that we look forward to the next stage of our musical journey with a new member that has bought a whole new energy to what we do.

Below are a few moments from the past month. There has been a lot of Whanau time with birthdays for some of our family members both young and not so young! 

And then there is the soap that arrived mysteriously in the post one day...well...we'll just let the picture say all it needs to on that one.....