So we are playing at this NZ hot sauce and chilli eating competetion!

Featuring some of New Zealand's most resiliant chilli eating champions trying out a number of different dried and fresh chillies of varying degree's of burn from around the country, this is an event not to be missed. With heats already under way around different parts of the country you can expect the competition stakes will be high when it reaches the final round here.

You can track the progress of the competition at this facebook page :

There will also be 100 hot sauces for you to try out....whew! That's a lot of hot sauce.

If you enjoy hot sauce and chillies, come along. If you might enjoy watching some champs suffer the burn of ridiculously hot chillies, come along. If you enjoy music, come along. Actually just come along........this is is going to be outrageously fun.

The hot sauce festival kicks off at 11am with the chilli eating finals at 3.30pm.

Ticket details coming soon.

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