"shine bright team, you guys are truly something special"



Bonnie Hurunui

The Unicorn

It is the magical luminosity, of one who is truly something special, that radiates from this lively lady.

Sporting a highly impressive head of sculpted hair, along with a larger than life stage presence, Bonnie, with her soulful voice and magnetic personality, is someone you will quickly fall head over heels for.

With dulcet tones carefully crafted by genuine love and a funky strum on her guitar, all sharpened through years of hard work, she has the unique ability to intimately share her love for life and music with every audience member.

Like a glittering unicorn, dancing across colourful rainbows in the sky, there is something quite magical and refreshing about Bonnie. You just won’t be able to tear your eyes away.


Nathan Boston 

Twinkle in the eye

With a cheeky personality and rather dashing smile to boot, this man knows how to truly light up the fretboard of his guitar. He exudes a technical proficiency that wows audiences.

Nathan delivers his smoldering lines with an uncanny ease, that leaves room for an underlying sense of fun. Happily holding the lows, with a velvet tone, to layer up the vocals, he has years of experience to call on.

From classical guitar and performing music professionally, he plays with a tonne of originality and an enthusiasm to match the day he started learning as a child.

Watch out for that wry smile and twinkle in his eye, it might mean another smoking hot guitar line is on the way. 


Dean tinning

The Viking

Standing a rather impressive 6 foot 3 inches tall, White Chapel Jak’s very own Viking, could be a somewhat imposing figure, if he wasn’t so darn gorgeous. With a huge heart and a smile to match, Dean has an elegance that shines through in both his personality and playing.

From a suitcase to Cajon, finger shot to sticks, anything becomes a driving rhythmic tool in his hands. He strikes all things percussive, with the precision of a metronome, but with a musical subtlety to suit the style of any occasion. To top it off, a strikingly high voice makes for some angelic harmonies,

Dean is an eye catching part of this show and not to be missed.


Michael White

Mr Knight

With equal measures of cool, quiet and charm, Michael takes to the stage with a confident groove that would challenge David Hasselhoff himself, as the leather jacketed crusader of the Knight Rider days. Michael navigates his way around a double bass with an ease and fluency that defies the laws of physics. It's nothing new to this man.

Perhaps it is his years of work at jazz school, perhaps it's his many years as a professional musician, or maybe it is all just natural for this musical master. Either way you will love his cool, rhythmic sound and technical flourishes.

It’s easy to imagine this cool cat donning his leather jacket at the end of a show, climbing into that black Pontiac and driving away into the sunset.