We are very excited to be opening for one of New Zeland's largest summer tours!!

Hosted by Greenstone Entertainment the Summer Concert Tour is an annual event that hosts three international acts each year in stunning locations around New Zeland. This year we have been asked to kick things off in beautiful Whitianga!!


Headline acts Icehouse, Bonnie Tyler and Alan Parsons Project will be following us on stage. We are truly flattered to be opening for such a line up. 
These shows are known to pull crowds of 20,000+ so visit the ticketek link  early to grab a ticket and come and join us in the sun in Whitianga for some tunes with what will be our biggest audience yet!!

Tickets: http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=SUMMERTO17

Box Office Opens 9:00am
Gates Open 11:00am
White Chapel Jak 11:10am
Bonnie Tyler 1:00pm
Alan Parsons Live Project 3:00pm
Icehouse 5:00pm