Reflecting on our summer of music.

This summer has been our busiest yet. There has been numerous gigs every week across a number of different locations and venues around the country. Every where we have been we have been met by lovely, smiley people that really make this journey with music worthwhile for us. We thank each and every person that has enjoyed some music with us through the summer. As the dream of being full time musician's has become a reality for us more and more we appreciate the support of our audiences. When we are a little drained or perhaps the fingertips are a little sore as we hit the 5th gig for the weekend it is the energy from you, the listener that re invigorates us and sets alight the music once again. The delivery of a cold drink, a warm smile, a couple in love slow dancing in an intimate venue or a large crowd moving together....these are the moments that keep us coming back to gigs time after time. So we thank you for your support, your laughter and fun. You created all our wonderful moments this summer.

Take a moment to scroll through the photo's below to share in just a snippet of where our music has taken us during our busiest months. Sometimes it is a stop for a rest when driving somewhere that reveals another stunning view. Sometimes a warm and inviting venue that we are playing in. Or it could be a back stage moment when everyone is feeling a little tired and silly. Each is a memory for us that we thank you for. 


We sincerely hope to see you all again soon......