Love the journey ... the journey is life

We love our journey.

Love the music ... the music is soul

Our journey with music is one of enjoyment, passion, reward and one thing that stands tall, strong and proud for us...friendship. 

Love the friendship ... our friends love us

We spend a lot of time working together in this band. A LOT of time. Time onstage performing, time setting up, packing down, rehearsing and sharing accommodation. Some very late nights followed by equally early starts to hit the road for the next show and then long hours packed into one vehicle before we start the process all over again.  So yes, it is vital that we are able to spend this time together without conflict and it is a question that often surfaces when chatting to people about what we do - "do you guys always get along when you spend so much time together?" 
The answer is, yes we do. Sure, there are tired times, quiet times and times when a quick break for a solitary moment might be beneficial but nothing more than that. In fact, through playing music, our friendship has become such a strong part of our lives that even when we have precious time off, it is not uncommon that you can find us...well...together. . 
Take our mid winter Xmas celebration a couple of weeks back. We booked a cool space (The Speakeasy at Annie O's in Matakana is a place you need to see!) wandered Matakana Markets grabbing some tasty produce, bumped into some friends for a couple of espresso martinis then headed off to The Speakeasy for the real reason we were there - time together. We listened to vinyl, made cocktails, laughed, chatted and danced. 

This is an essential part of who we are and what we do as a band. Without the friendship there isn't the love. Without the love, the music isn't the same. Should the music fail, we would loose you, loyal listener and supporter.
This is the same for us all. Our friends matter. Without them, the love isn't the same. Without the love the journey is not complete. This is true of each and everyone of us wherever we are, whatever we do. 

Embrace the love ... it makes us whole

So think of those friends that are important to you, your work, your journey. Value them, love them and spend time with them. They are a huge part of who we are, what makes us human and completes our journey. 

Ko te aroha te huarah ki te oranga
Ko te aroha te pūoro ki te whatu manawa
Ko te aroha nui ko tātau, tātau
Puritia te aroha, hei tānga manawa

Love the journey - the journey is life
Love the music- the music is soul
Love the friendship - our fiends love us
Embrace the love - it makes us whole              - WCJ