You know for certain it's a great weekend of music ahead when it begins like this!

With Christmas fast approaching, our gigs have been almost non stop and of course there has been a load of Christmas functions to play at. This superhero themed party gave us the perfect excuse to bust out some dress up for the evening and what a load of fun we had in doing so. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle climbing up on his bass in the middle of our rendition of Thunderstruck by ACDC is quite a sight to behold believe us!

We encourage you all to let loose, let your hair down and really get into any of the celebrations ahead for the holiday season. Kiwi's can sometimes be a little reserved and our laid back approach can almost verge on a lack of enthusiasm for standing out that little bit. We found dressing up for this event was not just a load of fun and laughter for us, but for our audience also and it was very well received. The effort was much appreciated and the show and laughter between us carried across to our listeners and infected them with that same sense of fun that we were experiencing. 

So, go out and enjoy all the upcoming celebrations that the end pf the year brings and don't just be present, be the life of the party. Dress up, dance, sing and enjoy yourself. After all, you've earned it through the year and you might just find that you're suddenly having a load of unexpected fun along with those around you!