The Leigh Sawmill Cafe is an iconic music venue that has played host to a plethora of incredible musical acts from all over the world. It is also a venue that we used to dream of one day being 'good enough to play at'. 

And so, what a remarkable day it is for us when we get to see that we have a show here that has totally sold out! This inspired in us a huge drive to create a show for this date that would be fun and exciting for old and new listeners alike. This meant extra rehearsals, writing, planning and arranging which culminated in a show that was something a bit different to anything we've done before and a step out of the normal comfort zone of what we do. We hope you enjoyed it, we certainly did and meeting so many of you afterwards for a chat was a highlight for us. 

There are some silent supporters that are an integral part of a show like this coming together effectively and we would like to take this moment to recognise them.
Firstly, the venue. Susan and The Leigh Sawmill have been supporting us for some time now. Since our very first show here they have greeted us with nothing but smiles and warm fuzzies that always make us feel at home in their fabulous space. Thank you guys to all the staff there for your amazing personality and ongoing support.
The Leigh community. Leigh feels like home every time we arrive. Locals recognise us and greet us with big friendly smiles and welcome us into their community as if we lived there. The bowling club for a quick game and a cold beer has become a regular stop for us when we are in town now!! Thank you Leigh. 
Then of course there is our partners and whanau at home. Full time music is a fantastic lifestyle that we love but one that certainly comes with it's own challenges and of the biggest of those could perhaps be time. We spend long hours/days away from home travelling and playing and without a supportive team at home this would be impossible. Our wonderful home support teams were not only tolerant of the extra hours this show generated but supported it in every way that they could. Stage design and creation, travel, photography, videography, door sales....it all was taken care of by our lovely whanau's. Thank you to all the WCJ whanau for your work, patience, support and love for what we do. You guys and gals are all amazing. 

We all have whanau and/or friends in our life that help and support us on our journeys. Next time you think of who that person is, give them a thank you. We all know they deserve it!!