We love the Whitianga Scallop Festival!!

We loved being there, loved playing for an amazing crowd in a seriously beautiful location and loved the relaxed, friendly vibe that was present throughout the day. Plus, the various incarnations of scallops on offer were absolutely delicious! Despite the major squalls of heavy downpours blowing through, our audience stuck with us from the first note right through until the last. Good on you guys. We even saw chairs being welded as umbrella's by some folk keen to stick out our show with us. Just brilliant and what a very cool experience for us playing on a stage set out over the ocean. The walk out was an exciting experience within itself!

Aside from being an amazing experience for us (and one we certainly hope to repeat!) it also served to remind us of what a stunning country we live in and why we should be making real ditch efforts to care for our home. Across the globe, pollution and climate change are very real issues and both are problems that we can all affect in a positive way. Less waste and more care. This is not a difficult consideration for any of us and the benefits are untold. Aotearoa is a stunning place to live in and we should stay conscious of how privileged we are to share this beautiful home.

Let's keep our oceans clean, our bush lush, our streets litter free and let's all cut down on our waste as best we can. Our home will love it, our oceans will love it and in turn we will love it too.