Summer really is the season of love. For us, it has come in the form of many gorgeous weddings.

This summer has been our biggest for weddings to date. We have played up and down the North Island at all kinds of wonderful locations. We've been inside, outside, on the coast, in forests, around lakes, played through sun, rain, hail and even played through one of the biggest storms to hit this country for years in an outdoor marquee desperately fighting to take off and set sail for distant shores!

The love we have been surrounded by at each of these has just been amazing. We have been meeting the most incredible, warm people at some of New Zealand's most stunning locations and venues. There has been many a night of high energy dance floors and the love and fun we've experienced is the gift that we recieve at these events. Seeing many of our wedding guests and clients turn up at our public gigs and joining in on our musical journey with us is something very special to us also. 

Perhaps the best image of this love over our busy summer has come in the form of Winston, the adorable pooch. What you can't see in this photo is the pumping, high energy dance floor or feel the music and beats that had the place shaking. The moment that followed included the bride and her best friend smashing out 'Killing in the name Of' by Rage against the Machine with us along with the whole party shouting the famous closing lines of this song. Through this all, little Winston wandered politely over and sat down at the feet of our lovely viking percussionist and took a quiet moment to sit down share his love with Dean whilst taking in the carnage on the dance floor. What a moment you gave us all dear Winston!

To the summer of love, with love, we've loved it!!