Eden Park. We played there! 

What an exciting treat to be play a set at this iconic New Zealand sports venue. It really has been an exhilarating couple of weeks for us. Once again we find ourselves stepping on to stage in front of thousands of people and it's no word of a lie that we are really enjoying it! 

Playing at the NRL Nines is another large event that has come about for us from positive thinking and hard work. Walking out of the players tunnel, running out on to the field, the noise and excitement, all are magical moments that will be locked in our memories. So awesome to see some familiar faces as we walked out and hearing the shouts of encouragement from friends, family and followers was something very special to us.

This summer has included some accomplishments that we are super proud of that are certainly due to the hours we put in but also impossible without the support of our followers. We would like to thank our families and friends that have been taking this journey with us and making the time sacrifices possible but also a big thank you also goes out to you loyal listener for your ongoing encouragement and support. Without you, there is no White Chapel Jak and we thank you.

Let's do more of these sorts of events together eh?