One year ago we were given a couple of free tickets to the Summer Concert series in Whitianga featuring Melissa Etheridge, Reo Speedwagon with Huey Lewis and the News. As we stood in the audience watching the opening acts and the sea of people pouring into the venue, our singer Bonnie looked at me and said "we're going to be up there next year."

One year on from that moment and where are we? .....On stage at the Summer Concert Series in Whitianga opening for Bonnie Tyler, Alan Parsons Project and Icehouse in front of an audience of 18,000! 

This moment has been one of reward in many different ways. It feels like a testament to the 150 gigs we have played throughout the year that have pushed our profile to a point where we are on the radar for a show like this. It feels like reward for the hours spent on the road away from our loved one's pursuing our musical passion with the belief that we would reach playing for audiences of this size. Lastly it is, no doubt, a testament to the power of positive thinking backed with the right amount of determination. For this, we thank our singer/band manager Bonnie Hurunui for her ongoing belief and hard work that has taught us all that dreams are real given the right mindset backed with a strong work ethic. 

So jump on board the positive thinking train with us. It really works. Shake off your fears, disbelief's, figure out what you want, set your goals and believe. Positive thinking could change the world if we all managed to simply choose and believe. 

And so what does the energy of 18,000 people feel like on stage? Absolutely incredible!! We loved every moment of it whole heartedly. 

And so, we will be doing more of these kinds of shows. We choose to believe, so it's real.

See you there!