Do what you love. Do it with love. 

Once again we have been reminded how this simple motto applied with background hard work can lead to truly great moments. 

Ronald LaPread was the bass player for Lionel Richie and The Commodores through some of their most golden years of recording and performing. He is also a highly regarded songwriter and is the composer of two of The Commodores' biggest hits 'Brickhouse' and ' Easy like Sunday morning.' What an absolute treat for us to not only meet this legend of the musical world but also perform these two legendary hits with him!

That's right, we shared the stage with Ronald at a wonderful private function in Auckland and we had the honour of performing these two iconic songs with him. Just amazing. These are songs that each of our band members has grown up with and can recall individual, nostalgic memories of listening to them both at varying times. And so, it felt very special to be sharing the moment of performing with Ronald and we thank him and the organisers of the event for such a memorable and special night. 

A week after this, after arriving on a flight back to Auckland, we walked in to arrivals to hear 'Easy like Sunday Morning' playing across the airport which brought home again what an epic piece of writing and history this song really is and how fortunate we are to experience these incredible moments.

So to you we say; next time you are getting off a flight, maybe sitting in a cafe, cruising the radio airwaves whilst driving and you hear Lionel singing 'Easy like Sunday morning', think of us and think of doing what you love with love and think about what it is that you love and go on out and get doing it!!.....with plenty of love of course.