We love what we do.

We love playing music, we love traveling our homeland and meeting so many fun and interesting people along the way but above all, it's about sharing our love of music with those that take a moment to listen, laugh, sing and dance with us. Regardless of what you do however, and what your journey in life is, it's always important to be able to step away for a little while and relax. This past winter month has allowed us time to exactly that. 

As July is one of our quietest months of the year and this past summer has been our busiest one to date, we decided it was finally time to actually take a break from music and have a few weeks off performing. I know.....crazy right?! It is a blessing and a valued reward to spend some quality time with our friends and whanau and share some amazing experiences away from our homes. 

But where do you go when it's cold, rainy and dark in New Zealand? Well, a few of us decided Tonga was a good idea! What a beautiful place this country turned out to be. Gorgeous weather, warm, clear tropical waters, amazing surf, topped off with friendly and welcoming locals. Of course a guitar was always close to hand and even in our time off a tune or two was well received over an evening drink and new friendships were formed. 

So how does it feel taking time away from doing what you love? Perhaps a moment shared best describes it.

"Sitting on a surfboard in warm water waiting for the next amazing set wave to fire across the reef. A glance downwards through the water reveals unworldly, beautiful coral growths highlighted with ethereal spikes of bright colours and flurries of tropical fish. A glance upwards in time to catch a humpback whale with her calf breaching the surface to suck an enourmous breath of air only 100 metres away before plunging back into the ocean in an explosion of white water silhouetted against a coppery sunset." 

It feels good. Very good. Yes, we have missed playing and yes, we will be returning with a renewed energy and excitement for the coming months but stepping back, relaxing, reflecting and re-energising is cleansing for the soul. Thank you Tonga and your beautiful people for reminding us of this. 

So wherever you are and regardless of what you are doing, if you are feeling it might be positive to take some time off, grab a hold of your loved one's and do it. You're not going to love what you do any less but will simply love life that little bit more.