Inspiration is something that affects us all at different points and parts of our lives and to varying degrees but when it really hits, it is certainly a shift of motivation and persuasion. 

This month, we were back at Whitianga opening the Summer Concert Series Tour for the second year running. The fact we were able to be a part of this amazing event again is in itself, an incredible honour, joy and inspiration. We would like to once again, thank Greentsone Entertainment for having us along to open for Fairground Saints, Colin Haye, Alanis Morisette and ELO. 

Now, Fairground Saints is a name you may not be familiar with just yet and one that we also weren't aware of until this tour came about. They are an acoustic group that were a part of opening this tour throughout New Zealand. Based in Nashville Tennessee, they are a young trio signed to Sony Music and......
....they were incredible!! It became a very special moment for us watching these guys play from the side of stage just after we had finished our set. They are amazing musicians with a level of musicality that blew our minds and as it turns out, they are also very nice people that were keen for a chat. We wandered off stage feeling a huge spike in our inspiration to become better musicians, a better band and felt the need to try and have a moment to converse with them. We weren't disappointed. 

We had just been totally blown away by the performance from these guys then suddenly we find ourselves back stage having a great conversation and receiving wonderful, positive feedback from them about our set....wow!! The inspiration levels for us all at this point just sky rocketed. It is something quite surreal to be playing in front of musicians that you hold in such high regard and then receive an amazing response from them. 


That is what we have taken away from this experience. New ideas, motivation, self confidence and a refreshed view of where we are heading, along with what we need to do to get there. Brilliant! 

We thank Fairground Saints for their music but also for the gift they have given us by taking the time to talk with us and share some thoughts. We encourage you to check these guys out via the links below and show them your love. They play some wonderful music and are wonderful people that love music.
But on top of that, find out what it is that inspires you and regardless of what form it comes in, pursue it. For us, it was as simple as starting a conversation. Now we feel our entire year will be taking a new shape because of it. You could do the same. 

Find it.

Follow it. 



Credit to Greenstone Entertainment for the cool pic.