Thank you.

We use these words a lot as a band. This is because we are continually grateful to be playing music as a full time lifestyle and feel genuine thanks to those around us that support our journey. Sometimes though, words just don't do justice to the weight of a feeling. Our last sold out show at The Leigh Sawmill Cafe is one of these occasions. 

Playing at this venue always feels like a special occasion for us. It has personal history with some wonderful memories, a rich musical past that makes one feel as if they are stepping on hallowed ground when walking on stage and lastly, it is a venue that has supported us on our musical journey from the right from the start. So, seeing a sell out crowd here is something for us that feels somewhat surreal and incredibly humbling.

After sound checking and setting up for the evening we walked out the front door to a queue of people that had arrived early to see us. What an experience this is in itself. Opening the doors to a line of smiling faces that are there to waiting to gain entry to share a night of music with us...just incredible! We were even spoilt with some little backstage snacks dropped off early by a beautiful supporter. This was all followed with meeting a fantastic crew from Rotorua the next day whom had been at the show and some of whom were sporting our new WCJ t shirts. What a wonderful experience this was for us also meeting some new friends and hearing some positive feedback from the other side of stage after what felt like an epic night from our perspective!

On stage with us we had the mad skills of keyboardist Mark Stevens jamming some sweet rhythmic sounds for the night. Mark has played with some of New Zealand's biggest names and having him not just playing with us but sharing his love for what we do was another wonderful feeling for the evening and man, did he pump some great sounds! 

Then there was all of you wonderful folks there supporting and enjoying the night with us. Amazing. We first started playing at farmers markets to whomever might be passing for the day with a dream of one day playing bigger shows. Our fan base slowly grew from none, to one to ten, then more and now, feeling the energy that pours out of a sell out crowd at one of our all time favourite venues is an emotion difficult to describe.
It is one of accomplishment, love for what we do, excitement and pride but above all, it is an overriding love and thanks for those of you that make this happen for us and with us. It is down to you and only you that these moments happen and mean so much to us. So how do we say it? There are surely no words that can encompass all that we feel so...

...for now....all we can find to say is...

thank you.